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Indiabulls Commercial Credit Ltd. (IBCCL)



Indiabulls Commercial Credit Ltd. (IBCCL), incorporated in 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. (IBHFL) and is classified as a Non-Deposit taking Systematically Important (ND-SI) Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

IBCCL with strong parental support has considerable expertise in mortgage based financing. SME loans, that IBCCL and IBHFL underwrite are in the lowest risk segment where loans are given out to small businesses. IBCCL emphasizes on self-occupied residential properties for collateral, appraising loans which are verified as per cash-flow; and most importantly, loans meant for productive business deployment which has to be demonstrated at the time of loan appraisal – all of which is aimed to help small business owners further their business plans.

At an operational level, although IBHFL and IBCCL operate separately, IBCCL being a wholly owned subsidiary of IBHFL enjoys the facilities and expertise of the consolidated entity, thus giving IBCCL the benefit of strong business processes, the expertise of business personnel, robust underwriting procedures and a prudent risk management approach of the parent IBHFL.

IBCCL enjoys a comfortable capital position as its capital adequacy stands at 41.36% as of Jun’ 16. These high capital levels afford substantial operational leverage. This also signifies the confidence that the management has placed on IBCCL as a critical subsidiary for IBHFL.

Board of Directors
  • Mr. Ajit Kumar MittalNon-Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Rajiv GandhiManaging Director and CEO
  • Mr. Anil MalhanNon-Executive Director
  • Mrs. Priya JainNon-Executive Director
  • Mr. Prem Prakash MirdhaIndependent Director
  • Mr. Shamsher Singh AhlawatIndependent Director
Fair Practice Code
Fees and Charges
Description Charges
Processing Fees 1% of Loan Amount against Residential Property
1.5% of Loan Amount against Residential Property
NACH Dishonor Charges Rs 250/- (Home Loans)
Rs 750/- (non-Home Loans)
Nil on Representation of NACH
Late Payment Charges 24% per Annum of Outstanding EMI
NACH Bank Swapping Charges Nil
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document in IB custody Emailing of Scan Copies: NIL
Physical copies with IB attestation: Rs 500/-
Charges for Physical Statement Of Account  / Amortization Schedule. Emailing of Soft Copy by Customer Service Teams  : NIL
Hard copies : Rs 200/-
Registration Charges for Borrowers’ECS Mandate (loan repayment) NIL
Interest Certificate in non-Home Loans,
Income Tax Certificate in Home Loans
Legal Opinion Charges , SRO Search Charges, ROC Search Charges ,Non-Encumbrance  Certificate from SRO charges NIL, included in the Processing fee
Technical Valuation charges Nil , included in the Processing Fee
Charges for Certified True Copies of Title Deeds from SRO , if applicable. e.g.
-Where it is required to re- vet the laminated deeds.
-Where N-1 is missing and we want to get a copy from SRO
-Where there us some correction in deed and same is to be checked with SRO records
The CTC to be retrieved by our panel lawyer
As per Actual
Stamping charges of loan Agreement Actual, subject to state laws
- where fixed charges irrespective of loan amount: provided by IB
- where ad-valorem charges as a function of loan amount: to be procured by borrower directly
Stamping charges of other legal documents like Indemnity Bond, Legal Undertakings, Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bond, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans etc As per Actual, subject to state laws – to be procured by borrower directly
Original property documents retrieval for specific activity like production at SRO or Development Authority:
- only where on borrower request
- approval from L6 with scan of borrowers’ request letter stating the reasons for such request (the request letter is a very important document and should be on record to OPS as this is the alibi for document retrieval)
- deposit of fees by borrower in advance at branch to OPS
- OPS to initiate retrieval only post confirmation of payment and approval
- fees to be paid upfront not applicable on seller BT where we are charging separately for seller BT transaction to the buyer
- these are not very common requests, but we do get few requests occasionally and there is a huge risk involved in retrieving property documents, sending them to branch, routing the documents to our vendors who charge us for it etc
Rs. 5000/-
Service Tax on all fees, as applicable
Benchmark Rate

Indiabulls Commercial Credit Ltd. (IBCCL)


  • RMLR
    With effect from 6th August 2021 onwards, RMLR is 10.00%
  • RCLR
    With effect from 6th August 2021 onwards, RCLR is 12.00%
  • IMLR #
    With effect from 1st October 2018 onwards, IMLR is 9.70%
  • ICLR #
    With effect from 1st October 2018 onwards, ICLR is 14.90%
  • FRR*
    With effect from 1st October 2018 onwards, FRR is 17.60%
  • LFRR**
    With effect from 1st October 2018 onwards, LFRR is 21.95%
  • *PLR***
    Prime Lending Rate (PLR) is @24.00% applicable with effect from 1st October 2018.

    #(Company has since discontinued from Aug 2021 sanctioning of fresh Loans quoting the benchmark IMLR & ICLR . This rate is only applicable to old loans sanctioned at IMLR & ICLR respectively)
    *(Company has since discontinued from January 2017 sanctioning of fresh Loans quoting the benchmark FRR. This rate is only applicable to old loans sanctioned at FRR)
    **(Company has since discontinued from February 2018 sanctioning of fresh Loans quoting the benchmark LFRR. This rate is only applicable to old loans sanctioned at LFRR)
    ***(Company has since discontinued from August 2011 sanctioning of fresh Housing Loans quoting the benchmark PLR. This rate is only applicable to old loans sanctioned at PLR Rates)
Loan Against Property

Partnering you in your aspirations

Aspirations to continually grow/expand one's business are what define most businessmen. The importance of realizing these aspirations and actually making progress is integral to many a business. At Indiabulls Commercial Credit, our commitment has always been towards easing the path to success for our customers. Committed to ease this path, Indiabulls Loan Against Property (LAP), a mortgage loan, will take care of your financial needs while you can direct all your attention towards your business. Helping you leverage the value of your residential/commercial property, we will ensure that your enterprise does not feel the crunch of working capital which paralyses many a stable business.

At Indiabulls Commercial Credit, we provide you LAP with maximum finance against the market value of your property. You can continue to occupy the property while we fund you for the healthy growth of your business. We ensure quick approvals and disbursals, safe documentation (ISO certified process) and doorstep service for loans for desired end use. Small and mid-sized businesses, partnership firms, self-employed professionals and private or closely held companies are eligible for LAP.

Key Features

Indiabulls Commercial Credit provides Loans against Property with maximum finance against the market value of your property. Avail Loans against Property for –

  • Business expansion
  • Debt consolidation
  • Converting working capital limit to term loan
  • Purchase of plant and machinery
  • Converting your current loan at an attractive rate of interest
  • Travel, marriage, education and other personal requirements

Some of our salient features are featured below:

  • Quick loan approval & disbursal
  • Safe document storage – ISO certified process
  • Loan transfers with top-ups
  • Doorstep service

When you avail a Loan Against Property from Indiabulls Commercial Credit, the following advantages also come your way:

You can generate funds by unlocking the property value along with the benefit of staying in your own home You can tend to your need for immediate personal expenses like: New Business funding or Business Expansion etc. Indiabulls LAP has reasonable interest rates to accommodate your emergencies

Interest Rates


11.50% to 15.00%

# The final rate Of Interest will depend upon Profile , Loan amount , tenor and property type.

Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme(ECLGS)

Pre-approved Top-Up Loan to Business Enterprises and MSMEs

Background and Objective

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and following event of social and economic lockdown has brought about a nearly complete halt to all the business activities. The operating cycle in many businesses witnessed sudden cessation as the stocks and payment cycles got stuck completely causing liquidity crisis posing a serious threat to the survival of the businesses.

In its fight to control further damage and support the revival of the business and the economy, the GOI through Ministry of Finance has introduced the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS), through which the Government is targeting to facilitate Business Enterprises /MSMEs / Individuals who have availed loan for business purposes through Banks and NBFCs/HFCs to provide additional credit to existing borrowers, thereby enabling these enterprises and MSMEs to meet their operational liabilities and restart their businesses.

Eligible Borrowers

This policy shall be applicable to all existing borrowers meeting the policy riders as elaborated hereunder and will have Four components i.e. ECLGS 1.0 , ECLGS 2.0, ECLGS 3.0 and ECLGS 4.0.

ECLGS 1.0 shall be applicable to the borrower accounts pertaining to Business Enterprises /MSMEs / Individuals who have availed loan for business purposes with total credit outstanding (fund based only) across all lending institutions of up to Rs.50 crores as on 29.2.2020.

ECLGS 2.0 shall be applicable to the Business Enterprises /MSMEs in the 26 Covid related stressed sectors identified by the Kamath Committee on Resolution Frame-work and the Healthcare sector, who have availed loan for business purposes with total credit outstanding (fund based only) across all lending institutions above Rs.50 crore and upto Rs.500 crore as on 29.02.2020.

ECLGS 3.0 shall be applicable in case of Business Enterprises / MSMEs in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Leisure & Sporting and Civil Aviation (including scheduled and non-scheduled airlines, chartered flight operators, air ambulances and airports) sectors.

ECLGS 4.0 shall be applicable to the borrowers running Hospitals/nursing homes/clinics/medical colleges and requiring assistance of upto Rs.2 crore for setting up low cost technologies for on site oxygen generation.

None of the credit facilities availed by the entity from any of the bank or FI should be over 60 days past due as on February 29, 2020 in ECLGS 1.0 , 2.0 & 3.0 and should not be over 90 days past due as on March 31, 2021 in ECLGS 4.0.

Key highlights of policy

  • The scheme shall be available for applications getting sanctioned by or before 30.09.2021 or this scheme reaching the threshold stipulated by the Government of India under Emergency Credit Line Guarantee, whichever is earlier.
  • The last date of disbursement under this scheme shall be December 31, 2021.
  • Business Enterprises / MSME borrower must be GST registered where such registration is mandatory
  • Borrower account should not be over 90 DPD at the time of sanction and disbursement of top up facility under this scheme.
  • ECLGS 1.0 scheme will have Opt-out option & borrower can choose to opt-out for this facility. However ECLGS 2.0 , ECLGS 3.0 & ECLGS 4.0 shall be on Opt-in basis.
  • The amount of funding under ECLGS would be up to maximum 20% under ECLGS 1.0 & ECLGS 2.0 and upto 40% subject to a cap of Rs.200 crore per borrower under ECLGS 3.0 , of the total outstanding as on 29th February; 2020 subject to the borrower meeting all the eligibility criteria and credit evaluation and assessment as per Indiabulls Commercial Credit Limited (ICCL) norms. The borrowers, who are eligible under ECLGS 3.0 and who have already availed benefit under ECLGS 1.0 or ECLGS 2.0 can be eligible for additional credit upto 20% of their total credit outstanding as on 29.02.2020. Under ECLGS 4.0, the amount of funding will be limited to Rs.2 crore per borrower for setting up a low cost on-site oxygen generating plant.
  • Total door to door tenor for the new loan will be 48 months with 12 months Principal moratorium in ECLGS 1.0, 60 months with 12 months principal moratorium in ECLGS 2.0, 72 months with principal moratorium of 24 month under ECLGS 3.0 and 60 months with principal moratorium of 6 month under ECLGS 4.0, from date of first disbursement. Monthly Interest shall be payable during the Moratorium period.
  • No processing Fee will be charged for these loans.
  • The interest rate will depend upon various factors, but will not exceed the maximum Rate of interest prescribed in the guidelines for the respective schemes.
  • No prepayments charges shall be levied for these loans in case of prepayment of facilities before termination of tenor.
  • No additional collateral required and additional funding will be covered by extension of charge on securities already provided.
  • In case a borrower has loans from multiple lenders, top-up under this scheme can be availed from any or multiple lenders within prescribed limit on respective exposures. In case the borrower wishes to take from any specific lender an amount more than the proportional share (20% in ECLGS 1.0 & 2.0 and 40% s.t. maximum Rs 200 crore in ECLGS 3.0) of the outstanding credit that the borrower has with that particular lender and that lender is agreeing for that extra loan beyond its share , a NOC would be required from such other lenders whose share of loan under ECLGS is being proposed to be taken, subject to overall limit as prescribed is maintained
  • Borrowers who availed credit facilities under ECLGS 1.0 and are eligible for restructuring as per RBI guidelines of May 05, 2021 , can avail of the same as per terms below:-
    • GECL loans in such cases can be allowed a repayment tenure of upto 5 years, i.e, period upto 24 months during which only interest shall be payable and the principal instalments shall be payable thereafter in 36 monthly instalments.
    • Borrowers who avail of the restructuring as per RBI guidelines shall be permitted to avail additional assistance upto 10% of their outstanding as on February 29, 2020, provided they have not availed additional assistance under ECLGS 3.0 and they shall not be subsequently eligible for ECLGS 3.0.
  • All other terms and conditions in loan agreement will remain applicable

For detailed guidelines and FAQs on ECLGS, Visit


This facility is being offered to the eligible borrowers within the scheme guidelines.

Borrower will have to apply for loan through appropriate mode and complete the documentation and furnish the requisite information for processing of the loan.

ICCL will review the application submitted by the interested borrowers and appraise the application keeping in view, inter alia, the credit & risk parameters of the borrower and any other related factors and take the decision accordingly.

The final decision or loan amount and terms of loan may vary, after due appraisal, diligence and verifications.

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Name of Debenture Trustee: IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited
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